Urban tales are animated tours inside the city of Barcelona, where, by travelling back in time we will discover three crucial and very important historical moments of Barcelona. The areas and the topics are the Gothic quarter (Roman times and Medieval times), Born (Medieval times and guilds) and Modernism and Gaudí.

Júlia, the storyteller has been working as a tour guide in Barcelona as well as in other European cities. Get to know the city and its secrets while walking through the streets, looking at the walls, exploring what the city hides. The best way to discover, know and understand what is surrounding us is when we become part of it. Julia fairytales offers dramatized urban tales around the city of Barcelona so kids and parents could discover a part of the city still unknown for them.

Do you know where the skull of the gothic quarter is hidden? Do you want to know why everyone in Barcelona was afraid of the ropes guilds during the medieval times? How many trams were in Barcelona during Modernist times?